Save Money And Protect Your Device with Metro PCS Premium Handset Protection

Metro PCS is a pay as you go cell phone service provider that offers customers all the benefits of the high-priced wireless brands without the additional cost or commitment that is associated with contract plans. You can get unlimited talk, text, and data for one low price each month without any annual contract involved. It is a budget-friendly way to take advantage of the benefits provided by the nationwide T-Mobile network which allows you to stay in contact with those who matter most, all for one low monthly price. One of the advantages associated with choosing Metro PCS wireless service is the premium handset protection plan that they offer to their customers. This plan covers damage or loss of your Metro PCS device for one low monthly cost. You can choose to have your new Samsung Galaxy phone or Alcatel tablet protected and never have to worry about paying for damage, malfunctions or loss due to theft. 

What is the Metro PCS Premium Handset Protection Plan? 

The Metro PCS Premium Handset Protection Plan keeps your investment safe by providing protective coverage for your new Metro PCS smartphone or tablet. Accidents can happen every day and you never know when you may end up damaging your brand new phone or tablet. It can be extremely discouraging to lose access to an essential device that you use every day. Make sure you are always connected to friends and family members with this helpful protection plan that covers your device in the event of damage, malfunction, loss, or theft. 

How Much Does the Metro PCS Premium Handset Protection Plan Cost? 

For just $6 a month you can keep your new phone or tablet protected from possible damage from drops and falls, malfunctions, or loss and theft. In order to take advantage of this special plan, you will need to sign up for the Metro PCS Premium Handset Protection Plan when you first activate your brand new phone or tablet. This monthly fee will be deducted from the debit or credit card that is placed on your account each month upon approval. 

Can I Opt Out of the Handset Protection Plan Once I Have Enrolled?

Yes. Anytime you want to cancel your Metro PCS Premium Handset Protection Plan you can by logging onto your Metro PCS account or contacting customer service by phone. However, all customers should keep in mind that you can only sign up for the protection plan when you first activate your new phone or tablet. 

The Benefits of Enrolling in a Metro PCS Premium Handset Protection Plan

When you purchase a new device through Metro PCS, you will want to protect your investment by including Metro PCS Premium Handset Protection. This helps to ensure that your new cell phone, smartphone or tablet will be protected from common issues while also keeping your contact information and personal details safe. Premium Handset Protection is just $6 per month and covers loss, theft, damage, and out of warranty malfunction. It includes access to Lookout Mobile Security Premium as well as Premium Handset Protection. This service is recommended for all Metro PCS users, especially if you have invested in an expensive smartphone or tablet. Keep in mind that this type of protection can only be added on the day of activation so do not delay in adding this beneficial service to your Metro PCS account. It is a small price to pay for much-needed protection for your mobile phone or tablet. This service includes protection for your device as well as Lookout Mobile Security Premium which can help backup your data, contacts, photos and call history if your phone is damaged or malfunctions.

Smartphones are in use more than ever these days and in order to get the best quality phone with all the latest features, you should expect to pay out a hefty price. No one wants to pay out twice as much money on a brand new phone that is damaged or lost. The Premium Handset protection plan is a great benefit that is available to all Metro PCS customers. You can activate the plan on any Metro PCS device that you purchase including flip phones. It will provide you with the peace of mind that you need to use your phone freely without worrying about damage or loss.