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Pay Your Metro PCS Bill in 9 Simple and Easy Ways

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Metro PCS Bill Pay Overview:

Metro PCS Payments can be easily payed online, over the phone, through the mail, or at select authorized payment centers.  It is important to note that depending on which payment method is chosen, you may or may not be charged a “convenience fee” in order to process the payment.  This article will show you how to make a payment for Metro PCS, and will go over several common questions people have regarding the payment process.  Please keep in mind that Metro Rumors is not in any way associated with metro pcs or its affiliates.  The purpose of this article is to clear up any confusion on the payment (metropcspaybill) process.  Source of information; Metro PCS customer.

How do I make a Payment?

Online – eWalletNo Charge

Essentially, an eWallet account is a secure electronic wallet.  Credit cards and funds can be managed from the eWallet Account, and can be used to pay your Metro PCS bill online.  The eWallet account can also be used to add funds to your MetroConnect account which can be used to buy apps, ringtones, and more.  To sign up for an eWallet account, just head over to and select MyAccount.  Once you sign up for MyAccount, you can easily create your own secure eWallet.

Online – Text to PayNo Charge

An alternative, easy, and secure way to pay your Metro PCS bill.  Add a debit or credit card to your Metro PCS eWallet service, and simply respond to a text from PAYNOW (729669) to pay.

Online – Auto PayNo Charge

Setup a recurring debit or credit card payment that is automatically deducted five days before the payment is due every month.  The autopay feature can be created using the MyAccount feature online at or can be setup over the phone or at select authorized dealer locations.

Online – Express PayNo Charge

Metro PCS payments can be made online through their Express Pay Option.  Just head over to and click on their Manage & Pay option.  You can use the express mode or you can login in to your metro pcs customer account to pay the bill.  Log-in here.  The Express Pay option is a one (1) time online payment method.

Through the Mail  – No Charge

Payments can be made in the mail, by sending a check or money order directly to Metro PCS payment Headquarters.  Mail payments to: MetroPCS Wireless, Inc. PO Box 5119 Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119.  It is Free to Pay though the mail.

In Person – Drop Box  – No Charge

A check or money order can be dropped off at an authorized drop box station.  This is not available at all Metro PCS store locations.

Over the Phone – Through the Automated System$2 Convenience Fee

Payments can be made by dialing *99 from the Metro PCS phone or calling customer service at 1-888-863-8768.  Their is usually a $2.00 convenience fee to make the payment over the Phone.

In Person – At a Payment Machine Location$2 Convenience Fee

Payments can be made by cash, credit or debit card at an authorized payment machine.  The phone number and PIN number is required to pay the bill.  This is not a available at all Metro PCS store locations.  Metro PCS payment machine locations are usually only available at corporate Metro PCS stores.

In Person – Over the Counter$3 Convenience Fee

Payments can be made at a register by cash, debit or credit card at an authorized payment center.  If you pay the bill at a store “over the counter” their is a $3.00 Convenience Fee.

Payment Options – Table Overview:

Payment Places

How to Pay

Price per transaction / Convenience Fee

Metro PCS Payment Applied (time)

Auto Pay Set up an Auto Pay by contacting Metro Customer Service. Simply Dial *611 from the Metro PCS phone or call 1.888.8metro8 Free – No Charge This will deduct funds from your credit card on file approximately 5 days before the bill is due
Online  “Pay Your Bill” link Online Express Pay Free – No Charge Within (2) two hours
Phone *99 $2.00 to pay bill over wireless service; But adding funds to MetroConnectSM is free Within (2) two hours
Mail Mail payments to: MetroPCS Wireless, Inc.
PO Box 5119
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119
Free – No Charge Within 7-10 days
Payment Location – Authorized Dealer Over the counter $3.00 Within (2) two hours
Payment Location – Payment Machine Payment Machine (available at most corporate metro pcs stores) $2.00 Within (2) two hours
Payment Location – Drop Box Drop Box in the MetroPCS Stores (not available to all locations, available at most corporate stores.) Free – No Charge Within 48 hours

Frequently Asked Questions:

When are payments due?

  • Metro PCS Payments are due on the same date each month, which is usually the date the phone is activated.  For example if you activated your phone on March 10, then your payment will be due on or before the 10th of each month in order to avoid service interruption.  If you don’t know when you payment is due, you may contact metro pcs by dialing 611 from your metro pcs phone or calling 1-888-863-8768.  In addition, Metro PCS does send text-message reminders when the payment is due.

What happens when I miss a Payment? or What happens when I make a Payment 30 days late?

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  • Metro PCS will temporarily shut off the phone service until a payment is made.  You have a 30 day suspension period to make a payment to restore your service.  If the payment is IS made within their 30 Day suspension period, Metro PCS will simply reactivate the service.  However, if you pay your bill late don’t expect to receive a full month of service.  You bill is still due on the same day each month.  Please read below for more information on a Bill Cycle reset.
  • The following example will illustrate this point; Sally has Metro PCS service and her bill is due on April 10th.  Sally wasn’t able to make the payment on the 10th so her service was temporarily suspended.  On April 15th, Sally was able to make the payment so her service was restored after 5 days of the service being off.  Sally’s bill is still due on the 10th of each month.  Therefore her next month bill is on May 10th, NOT May 15th.  This happens to be only 25(twenty five) days away.  Therefore Sally is not going to receive a full month of service because she paid the bill late.
  • If the payment is NOT made within their 30 Day suspension period then they will cancel the service and the phone number will be lost.  So make sure to PAY YOUR BILL On-Time.
  • A payment cannot be made 30 days late because by that time the service will have been cancelled and the number forfeited.

Are there any Metro PCS Late payment fee or charge?  How can I make a Payment on a suspended account?

  • Currently, Metro PCS does not charge any fees if the payment is made after the due date.  The only late “charge” is the days lost due to paying the bill late.
  • As long as the phone is not canceled, making a payment on a suspended account is the same as making a payment on a non-suspended account.  The table above gives information on the different ways you can make a Metro PCS Payment.
  • A payment cannot be made after 30 days because by that time the service will have been cancelled and the number forfeited.

What if I want to change my Metro PCS Bill Cycle Date?  What is a Bill Cycle Reset?

  • Metro PCS offers a Bill Cycle Reset program that allows customers the option to reset the due the payment is due.  In order for customers to qualify for the Billy Cycle Reset, their service must be off for at least 7 days but not more than 30 days. (If its off more than 30 Days the service is disconnected permanently.)  Their is a $5 convenience charge in order to perform a Bill Cycle Reset. The New due date will be the date the service is payed, that is, as long as the payment is made within the 30 day suspension period.  Therefore, if you want to change when your Metro PCS Payment is due, then perform a Bill Cycle reset.

Why have I not received a paper bill from Metro PCS?

  • Metro PCS offers unlimited talk, text and data and internet.  The amount of the bill is the same every month unless the customer opts to change the plan.  Therefore it is a waist of paper and resources for Metro PCS to send a paper bill every month explaining how much the bill is due.  In order to remind customers when their bill is due, Metro PCS does send text-message reminders.

I want a Paper Bill, How can I get it?

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  • In some cases, customers want a paper bill for their own personal records.  In this case, Call Customer Service and ask to receive paper bill.  I believe its a $1-$2 extra each month to receive a paper bill.

Where can I find a Metro PCS Payment Machine location?

  • Metro PCS Payment machines are usually located at the corporate Metro PCS stores.  If you go to the official website, you can use the store locator to find these corporate Metro PCS stores.  Otherwise, if you head over to any authorized Metro PCS dealer, they can also be able to pay your Metro PCS bill.

How can I avoid service interruption?  Can I put money on my Metro PCS account to avoid interruption?

  • If you pay your bill on or before the due date then the service interruption will be avoided.
  • The only way to avoid service interruption is to pay the bill in full.

How do I get a Metro PCS Detailed Bill Summary?

  • Since Metro PCS has unlimited service, the bill will always stay the same.  Therefore, there is no need to send a detailed bill summary to the home.  However, if you want a breakdown of the costs of the bill, you may head over to an authorized dealer or call customer support for a breakdown of the bill costs.  If you want a summary of all the numbers that were called then you need to sign up for Call Detail.  Call Detail is a $1 monthly service that gives you online access to all the calls that were made from the phone.  Just call customer service 1-888-8Metro8 to add this options.

What is a Metro PCS Convenience Fee?

  • A Metro PCS Convenience fee is a fee that is charged when a Metro PCS payment is made at a payment machine, authorized dealer, or over the phone.  Payments that are made via the mail, check, money order, drop box, or online do not have a fee.  Convenience fees are any where from $2 to $3.

Where can I find a Metro PCS Drop Box location?

  • Metro PCS Drop Boxs are usually located at the corporate Metro PCS stores.  If you go to the official website, you can use the store locator to find these corporate Metro PCS stores.

How long does it take for Metro PCS to process a payment?

  • The table above gives the estimated time required to process a payment for each payment method.  Metro PCS usually has very good payment process times.  It only takes a couple of minutes if it’s payed online, at an authorized dealer, at a payment machine, or over the phone.  However, it can take up to 2 hours.  If a payment is made at a drop box with a check or money order, the payment can take up to 48 hrs.  If a payment is made by mail, it can take anywhere from a couple of days to a week, depending on how the mail was sent.

Can I pay a lower amount?

  • There is no minimum amount you can pay on you Metro PCS bill.  Some people pay part of the bill early then pay the rest later.  Just keep in mind, making a partial payment does not prevent the phone from being suspended due to late payment or reactivated if the phone was already suspended for late payment.  At one point Metro PCS offered a weekly/bi-weekly payment plan for the bill, in which that service may or may not be still available in all areas.  If you call customer service directly, they may be able to answer this question more accurately.  The customer service phone number is 1-888-8Metro8.

Do I get Charged for a Metro PCS Bill if it does not go through?

  • If a credit/debit card was charged online or over the phone, but the payment was not applied to the account, then all you would have to do is contact customer service and have the payment correctly applied to the account.  If a credit/debit card was double charged, similarly you can call customer service and have them correct the issue.  Metro PCS is very good at accommodating these types of situations.  Just make sure you provide the correct phone number when payment a bill through these types of systems.  The customer service phone number is 1-888-8Metro8.

How do I pay another persons Metro PCS Payment/Bill?

  • Paying another individuals bill is as easy as paying the bill if you were the account holder.  You can pay it online using the one (1) time express option, over the phone, at an authorized dealer location, by mail, etc.  The table above gives more information on the different payment methods offered by Metro PCS.

I have a Metro PCS Family Plan, how can I pay just one of the phones?

  • If you have a family plan with Metro PCS, you cannot just pay one bill and not the other.  Unless, you call customer service and you separate the lines into their own account.  Keep in mind that you will lose any family plan discount when you separate lines that are on the account.  Metro PCS offers a $5 discount for each line on the basic family plan.  When you separate a line off a family plan, usually the line being separated would have to be paid right away to avoid any service interruption.

Metro PCS Pay Bill Online

You can log in to pay your Metro PCS Payment at metro pcs dot com, if you have already registered for online account access.  But if you are not account holder, please use the link on this page to get registered.

For more up to date information please visit the official metro website at metropcs(dot)com and make sure to read the term and conditions at

Metro PCS is one of the most popular cell mobile phone companies around right now.  Did you know that it is possible to perform a Metro PCS online bill pay from the convenience of your computer? This article will explain Metro PCS Pay Bill options.

The value you pay out on Metro PCS is going to save you a lot of dollars in comparison to the huge companies that inhabit the region.  Rate plans start as low as $40 dollars a month for unlimited local calling. Other nationwide carriers charge as much as $40 dollars for only a fraction on the minutes.  Your finest money saving opportunity is heading to these small tier companies.  Here is a complete list of Metro PCS Online Payment Methods.

Step 1

Start out by making sure which you know how much your Metro PCS online bill pay is.  If you know what your Metro PCS bill payment amount is monthly then you will be ready to shell out your bill on-line.  Metro PCS will also send you the amount due for your cell mobile phone bill once a month in a text message so make sure that you simply do not delete this text message if you do not know what your monthly cellular phone bill is.

If you lost this text message, you possibly can always call a Metro PCS store and ask them about the amount of the bill so you can make the Metro PCS online payment.  If you want an actual cell phone bill statement then you would need to call Customer Service at 1.888.8metro.8 and request it. Note that detailed billing will expense you $1/month if you choose to receive the information electronically.  A paper summary bill is also available for $2/month.

Step 2

Once you know how much your Metro PCS pay bill is, you will need to go on the Internet so that it is possible to pay out your bill.  Go to the Metro PCS main website to get started paying your bill on-line. Click within the button around the right hand side on the main Metro PCS website that says Pay Your Bill.

This will take you to a new page where you will be in a position to choose from multiple different ways to shell out your cellular phone bill online. It is possible to choose to have Metro PCS deduct your monthly bill on a credit card or debit card every month or it is possible to use express spend that allows you to make a 1 time payment for your Metro PCS bill payment.

Step 3

Once you have chosen how you would like to pay your Metro PCS cellular bill, you will need to enter your credit card or debit card information. Enter the amount you would like to pay for your Metro PCS online payment and click accept. Metro PCS will run your card for the amount chosen and give you a receipt that you simply will be able to print out.

Make sure that you simply print this receipt so that you simply will have it just in case something goes wrong. If your mobile phone does not work after paying your metro pcs bill payment on the net, go to any Metro PCS location and bring them your receipt so that they can take care with the problem for you.

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    Use Pageonce to quickly and easily connect Metro PCS on your smartphone. In just seconds, you can track your minutes and see bill details. You’ll never be shocked by another Metro PCS bill, with complete details available in Pageonce in just a few taps! With Pageonce, you can keep tabs on your finances anytime, anywhere. Instant access lets you see detailed bill information and pay from home or on the go.

  • Luz Carrillo

    The MetroPCS Company recommends you to choose to pay your bill online as your first payment choice. This online service just requires a computer with access to the internet, and you can make purchases via the internet. Credit card, ATM debit card, MetroPCS Payment Card and ACH are all acceptable payment options.

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    That’s cool.

  • Todd

    For the love of God. I only want to make a 5 payment to “top off” data. The customer service rep was useless, and I cannot seem to register an account nor log into anything on the metro website. Calling *99 only looks to pay the monthly bill. WHere is the link to top off, and why is it so hard to find?

  • Terry Bruce

    Still at this time (12/01/2017) it is impossible to register or pay a bill on line. The sites are there but do nothing; they do not advance when you click to proceed. Asking the local store is no help. They can’t offer any help, but do say that they have had other complaints. Why should you have to pay a $3 fee for paying at the store when the online service does not work?

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    They should not charge an extra fee for processing a payment.
    That is a rip-off.

    George Vreeland Hill

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    ummm if you think about it all businesses use THIRD PARTY SYSTEMS/ PROGRAMS to process a bill (nothing new here) AND THAT’S HOW MONEY GROWS IN THIS WORLD. EVERY ONE IS MAKING THEIR PART.

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    ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO DONT WANT TO BE CHARGED $3 fee YOU SHOULD SET UP AUTO PAY to deduct your monthly bill from your D.C/C.C from now on. Call MetroPCS customer service to set up AUTO PAY.