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Unlock and Bring Your Own Phone to Metro PCS

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Metro PCS Launched the new “Bring your own phone” Service

MetroPCS is a mobile network operator of the United States. At present it is the 5th largest telecommunication network in United States. It offers its services to over 9.5 million subscribers, using CDMA technology. It also gives 4G services using LTE.  By 2015 it expects to completely decommission the CDMA network and conversion to GSM based service after it merged with T-Mobile.

In October 2012, Metro PCS made an agreement to merge with T-Mobile USA to give better services and be more competitive with other carriers. This gave the users the benefit of the superior hardware as well as a better network provider.  But, even after the merge, both the companies continue to operate as separate brands.

MetroPCS has recently announced the onset of a new service that it will be offering, which is known as “Bring your own phone”. This service would allow the subscribers to use unlocked GSM phones on their combined network. Take your unlocked GSM phone and use the services provided by MetroPCS. At present, this service is only provided to iPhone, Android phones, Windows phones etc. It is to be noted that this service is unavailable for Blackberry and tablet users. You can check if your phone qualifies for the service on the official MetroPCS website.

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For the time being this service is available across Las Vegas, Boston, Dallas, and Hartford. But, future plans for the telecom company guarantee that this particular service would be extended to more cities soon.The rates are quite attractive too. You don’t need to enter into a yearlong contract unlike other companies. Plans are available on monthly basis and are as low as $40, $50 and $60.

According to this service, after you have unlocked your phone, you have to buy a sim card from MetroPCS to be able to use the network provided by them. Options are also available for users to port your old number. This is basically going to make it possible for you to use your old phone number, thereby allowing you to save up on a whole lot of time, energy and most importantly – money! But, porting can only be done if and only if you don’t have any obligation of contracts with the previous company.

So, if you are a resident of the above mentioned cities and own a phone that qualifies for the amazing “Bring Your Own Phone” service that is currently being offered by Metro PCS, then you must not wait. Metro PCS provides unmatched service in terms of network availability as well as price.

It is also expected that Metro PCS would also be launching two new GSM phones to its collection. It is not yet known which phones these are going to be, but chances are that these might include the Samsung Galaxy and LG Optimus L9.

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Make the most of this amazing opportunity! Visit MetroPCS’ official website right now, and check if your phone really is eligible for the service, and switch to a plan that suits you and your calling needs the most. Even if your phone does not support the ‘Bring your own phone’ service, you can always buy several phones from Metro PCS’s website that would give you access to the outstanding facilities and services that are currently being provided by Metro PCS. Others who dwell in other cities need not worry – the service will reach you very soon!

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  • Billie Preston

    Cheapest is not normally best. For example, do you have to purchase just one of their phones and will there be any hidden charges that surprisingly pop up in your bill on the end from the month? If Metro PCS does not offer the smartphone you are looking for, how about you bring it to metro pcs. Metro PCS offers a Bring Your Own Device program which allows subscribers the option to bring their unlocked phone to Metro PCS.

  • Dani

    If u flash an iPhone will u be charge more to your monthly service