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Metro PCS Phones Coming Soon

There are no officially announced upcoming Metro PCS phones. If you have any information, please tip us.
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Metro PCS Coming Soon – New Phone Updates

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MetroPCS may not be in as large as AT&T, Sprint, or even Verizon but this regional carrier seems to be steadily growing in the past couple of years. They are attracting more customers by the day and just based on the road map leaked out of sources, it seems that there is plenty more that this company may offer by the end of this year. We have not yet seen everything for 2012, there are Metro PCS phones coming soon.

Metro PCS Coming Soon

According to the sources, there are at least eight new smartphones to be added to its portfolio for 2012. Moreover, judging by the impressive list it seems that the Galaxy S3 will definitely be up for sale. This phone has already been notched up by the five big carriers but it shall recently be launching with MetroPCS before December and after September. While the exact dates are vague there is sufficient news for users of this carrier service to get hyper about.

Other than the Samsung Galaxy S3 there were two more Samsung devices, Huawei devices, one LG, a coolpad, and one ZTE fighting it out for top glory. All of these sets are supposed to release at the same time. However, the 4G Samsung Galaxy S lightray is one of the first to be released with its date being fixed as August 8.

So this one is already in the markets at present. It comes with 1.3 Ghz dual core processor, 8 MP rear facing and a front facing 1.3 MP camera operating on 2.3 Gingerbread OS. It too shall feature a Super Amoled screen.

In the two weeks after the launch of Lightray expect the Quattro 4G to hit the market. This is a device that seldom few would have seen and its images are already on the net. It shall feature a 1GHz processor with 512 MB internal storage, using a 4 inch WVGA display and 3 MP camera.

It seems that August 29 will be a very crowded date for MetroPCS considering that the LG Motion and the ZTE Anthem shall be hitting the market simultaneously. While the Motion did make an appearance online with its S4 processor, qHD screen, Ice Cream Sandwich and 5 MP camera, it is the Anthem that is hugely anticipated because of its larger display.  Metro PCS comings soon to a store near you.

Pinnacle 2 and the Contour 2 from Huawei and Samsung should be coming near September end though there is nothing more to add here. Both are going to be rehashed makes of previous mobiles hence expect them to be low key. At most expect the 2.3 Gingerbread to be fed into them with already existing features in the market.

Only the Huawei Verge is uncertain of a release date with an approximate date hard to define. However, it seems that this phone shall be launching right before the S3 hits markets. Hence, expect it before end of November. While all details of the phone are being kept secretive, it will hopefully be a surprise package like the ZTE.

These were the Metro PCS phones coming soon in 2012. Are there any devices that caught your attention or made your head turn. Do you think that one of these mobiles shall actually win the battle and become hugely popular or maybe the S3 shall also rule here.

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  • Michelle Nash

    I went to metro PCs store on shields & brawley. It was 6:45 and they close at 7. I have an acct and wanted to add a line and buy 2 new phones. The girl said they couldnt help me cuz they were closibg in 10 min. She was rude, and this experience has made me rethink my cell phone service provider. Do your JOB girl

  • i agree .. a lot of choices