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Unlock and Bring Your Own Phone to Metro PCS

Metro PCS Launched the new "Bring your own phone" Service MetroPCS is a mobile network operator of the United States. At present it is the 5th largest telecommunication network in United States. It offers its services to over 9.5 million subscribers, using CDMA technology. It also gives 4G services ... [Click to Continue...]

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Metro PCS Samsung Galaxy S4

Metro PCS T-Mobile Merger has Finally Been Finalized

Metro PCS T-Mobile Merger

The long awaited merger between Metro PCS and T-Mobile has finally taken place. According to reports, the merged company is going to be known as T-Mobile US, Inc. The company would additionally be trading on the stock market under the name stock symbol TMUS. Through the Metro PCS T-Mobile ... [Click to Continue...]

Metro PCS LG Motion – The latest hit in town!

metro pcs lg motion

The latest phone to have been introduced by Metro PCS, the Metro PCS LG Motion truly delivers good value for money. Although it can’t be termed as being the best phone brought out in the market by the carrier, it definitely has a lot of ‘quirks’ to offer. To be honest, the features that it delivers ... [Click to Continue...]

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Unlocked iPhones Can Now Be Used With Metro PCS Service

Metro PCS iPhone

With Metro PCS's new Bring Your Own Device Program, it is NOW possible to use an iPhone on Metro PCS service. The iPhone must be Unlocked, Not Marked as Stolen or Lost, and must be compatible with Metro PCS Service.  The iPhone compatibility chart is found below. To get the iPhone to work on Metro ... [Click to Continue...]